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I'm a journalist and photographer. I usually write about Photoshop, Lightroom and other imaging software. You'll find some of my articles in magazines like "camera" (in german).

If you want to know more about me or send me a message please use the contact form.


The idea for this page was born in April 2010, when I attended a very special photoshoot in Las Vegas intended to recreate DaVinci's famous Last supper with a bunch of fantastic retro models in an amazing diner in 50s style. The sideshots I've taken there and at the famous Viva Las Vegas rockabilly weekend formed the base material for an ongoing collection of guys, gals and cars in Las Vegas style. Today this page has grown and now hosts all of my shots I've taken in Vegas and elsewhere.


This site is a showcase for my photography and displays my personal view on art and my personal opinion about the various things I write about in the blog part of this site.

I mostly shoot people and, as luck has it, most of them are female. As some nudity might happen, it's quite obvious you should only visit this site if you're of legal age. If you feel offended by sensual ladies I strongly suggest you pick another site to visit.


As most photographers I take copyright on my images serious, yet I believe that pictures should be shared. For this reason Ie've decided to allow social media sharing of my online portfolio for personal use.

However, if you're going to buy something you might be asked to provide personal data as your name, address or e-mail to use the services offered.

As every photographer I love feedback on my pictures. Feel free to leave a comment.
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