Usage - Faces of Vegas
Some words about the images and what you're allowed to do with them. 

A lot of photographers are very aware of their rights on a shot. Some people may see this as odd, as the pictures are on the web and so everybody can use them, right? Well, not really. 

Showing pictures on the web does not revoke any right the photographer has on the image. Yet people like to share pictures they like or use them as a backdrop for their own computer, iPad or iPhone. I don't think that's a problem at all as long as they recognize the photographer as the guy who has spent some money and brain cells to create the picture.

Having this out of the way I've decided to allow my pictures to be used under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit

Basically what this legalese means is that you're entitled to download some of my images for your personal use (e.g. as screensaver, a backdrop for your phone etc.). Where this license is granted you'll find a download button next to the image. 

You can also share the images on social networks - yet you need to refer to as the author of the image when doing so. It's also not appropriate to cut out the watermark on an image or to alter it without my written consent. 

Of course you may not use images in your own portfolio or pretend you've created them - some sort of common sense applies here: obviously this Creative Commons License does not allow you do use pictures commercially, (e.g. to advertise products, or use them in websites, books or magazines or anything beyond your personal use). It also does not imply the pictures are copyright-free.

If you want to use an image commercially or for any other purpose beyond the points listed above please feel free to contact me.

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